Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One of those weeks

This is shaping up to be a week that I don't think is gonna go well. I know, a great attitude to have, but I'm just telling the truth. More on that later...

I had a great weekend celebrating Emma's birthday at our house. Almost everyone that I invited showed up, and even a few others. Emma had a great time and got lots of nice toys. The kids had a chance to hit the pinata, they played in the pool, rode around in Emma's car, and played with all of the toys in her room. It just turned out great, and I was so happy about it. Now, I have tons of thank you's to write. :-)

Now, back to this week. Monday started off with a doctors appointment to follow-up with him after my ectopic. The visit went well, and he said that things look good. Even though this was my first time seeing him since my HCG went back to 0, I had talked to the office to get a refill on my prescriptions once my cycle started. I took the first prescription with very few side effects, but when I started taking the 2nd one, that was not the case. Basically this medicine has side effects that mimic the 1st trimester of pregnancy. So, to say the least I feel really bad. All I wanna do it lay on the couch covered up in a blanket, which is hard to do when I have Emma at home to take care. I was hoping that I would feel better today, but I don't. So...let's hope this week gets better, and that I actually feel like getting some things done around the house.

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