Saturday, September 12, 2009

Teething Biscuits

Well, I think I have officially joined the ranks of the domestic mom squad. This week I decided to make Madeline some homemade teething biscuits from a recipe I found in the now defunct Wonder Time magazine. (Yes, I know....sewing???, who is this person, and what has she done with Leslie? I guess that's what being a Stay-at-home does to you.)

They looked pretty yummy, and seemed like they would be easy to make. So, below you will find photographic evidence of my adventure. I think they turned out pretty well, served their intended purpose, and Madeline seems to like them. But, even though the smell good, and taste decent, they are indeed "teething biscuits" in every sense of the word. To say the least, they are REALLY HARD. So, be warned, if you are going to try them yourself, that I am not responsible for any dentist bills.

I am also including a graphic of the actual recipe, taken from the issue of Wonder Time. You should be able to click the picture to see the recipe bigger, but if not, you can also see it here:

Now, on to the pictures of me being domestic!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Introducing Liam Grant Peterson

My family had a very exciting event last Friday. My sister Erin's baby boy finally arrived after a somewhat complicated labor and delivery. But, Mom and Baby are doing great now. Liam Grant Peterson arrived at 9:08pm on September 4, 2009. He weighed 7 lbs, 5 oz and was 20 inches long.

Erin will hopefully be updating her blog with new pics and videos of Liam, so head on over to her blog and check it out. Her blog address is:

Congrats Erin and Kurt!! I can't wait to come visit and meet Liam in person!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm still alive... I promise.

Hey everyone! I have been a terribly blogger lately, but at least I have good reasons for my absence. School started for us on the 17th of August and I have running around like a chicken with my head cut off since then. Teaching Emma at home through GVA and taking care of Madeline at the same time, has left me with not much time for anything else.

So, here's a quick update.

Madeline: She is doing great, and eating like a champ. She still doesn't like anything green, and we have also added chicken to this list. On an exciting note though, she sat up for the first time last week. I was so excited! She is turning into such a big girl.

Emma: We are on week 3 of 1st grade, and things are going pretty well. Emma is not too fond of school or authority, but we are slowing working on correcting her attitude in those areas. (That's just a fancy way of saying that she doesn't want to do her school work, and I am making her. LOL) She is growing up so much lately, it's hard to believe she is 6.

Ike and I: Busy....that's all I can say. We are both working hard in our various "jobs" and trying to make time for each other. Ike just celebrated his birthday on the 29th, and I made him a Boston Cream Pie for the occasion. It turned out great! See??
That's all the updates for now. I promise to do better in the next few weeks with my posts! Here are a few recent pics for your viewing pleasure.

Is this a happy baby or what?
Here is Madeline enjoying her new highchair and some sweet potatoes.

Madeline sitting up for the first time. Thanks Aunt Kathy for the floor mat! We love it!
On Monday, we took Emma to a GVA meet and greet at the bowling ally. She had a great time with the other kids. She bowled an 85!!