Thursday, August 6, 2009

More sewing

Today I made 2 burp clothes. One for Madeline and one for Liam. Madeline's turned out ok, but I tried to do a zigzag stitch around her M, and that didn't work out to0 well. I did a strait stitch around Liam's L, and I think it turned out much better.

Here they are:


  1. Yay! Let's hope Liam doesn't puke on it. And you'll get better at the zig zag stitch. It's tough to applique and it takes lots of practice. My first attempt was icky!

  2. WOW, you are on a roll! You're doing great!!! I like to sew, but it's random. I need to work on some curtains, but I am just NOT motivated. I have found some easy skirt patterns online that I've made for Jannah...quick too! I think you have found a new hobby/addiction!