Thursday, October 7, 2010

Plowboy Day - Winnersville 2010

This week marks and important time for our town.  It's Winnersville Week!  Basically this means that we will play our cross town rivals in football on Friday night, and that this week is full of activities at the local schools.  This week at Emma's school, they had a chance to dress up each day.  They were out Monday for Fall Break, but the schedule looked something like this:
Tuesday: Twin Day
Wednesday: Tacky Day
Thursday: Plowboy Day
Friday: Viking Spirit Day

Emma didn't have a "twin" for Tuesday, so she didn't dress up.  Wednesday was tacky day, and I had a really tacky outfit all picked out for her to wear, but when it came time to get dressed that morning, she wouldn't do it.  She said she didn't want anyone to make fun of her.  I tried to explain that everyone would be tacky, but she wouldn't do it. But today, she dressed up with no problem.

Our teams mascot is the Viking, but for as long as I can remember, our nickname is the plowboys.  If I remember the story correctly, when they started the county school system as we know it today, and built the high school back in the 60's, most of the areas of the county that were divided off to go to the new school were full of farms and "rednecks".  So, since there were so many farmers, the city school started calling us plowboys.

Anyway, I said all of that to show you a few pictures of Emma dressed up this morning.


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